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Boost the Indoor Air Quality of your next project

Poor ventilation makes it difficult for occupants to get comfortable. Science has proven that fresh air can do us all a world of good, and yet we keep our buildings completely sealed up when outdoor temperatures are uncomfortable. This makes a lot of sense from an energy standpoint. Natural ventilation will force your heater or air conditioner to work a lot harder to keep you cool while wasting a lot of money.

However, a lack of ventilation can also make most people uncomfortable after a long enough time. So what’s the solution? An energy recovery ventilator provided by the expert suppliers at Mike Moore Sales. We are committed to providing the highest quality support for engineers and contractors in or near Columbia, Raleigh, Durham, Charleston, Wilmington, Asheville, Greensboro, and Greenville, give us a call today to get better ventilation in your facility without driving up your energy costs.

What are Energy Recovery Ventilators?

The ERVs we supply are able to precondition fresh outdoor air to room temperature for your building, school, office, or home while substantially reducing your energy bill, improving indoor air quality, and reducing the emissions that feed global warming. In other words, the units efficiently recover energy from stale air leaving the building and use it to warm room temperature in colder months and cool it during the warmer months.

What goes into Energy Recovery Ventilators?

The ERVs we supply are made from medical-grade polypropylene, a rugged resin that is resistant to many chemicals, bases, and acids as well as the growth of mold or formation of frost. The patented polymer construction has no moving parts, requires little to no maintenance, and allows for low pressure drops as well as high-heat and high-moisture transfer. This versatility enables the units to excel at providing comfortable indoor air quality (IAQ) and humidity levels while maintaining temperature control. Each unit comes standard with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty. Typically, inline fans are installed separately.

What makes our Energy Recovery Ventilators Unique?

While our units are longer than your average ERV, everything about them aims for bigger and better. These high-efficiency, air-to-air, direct counter-flow energy recovery ventilators are typically 80% thermally efficient on up to 98% and have an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) that is unsurpassed at between 36 and 160 EER. (10 EER is typical of the industry.)

  • 80% – 98% efficiency rating
  • Can be used for Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)
  • Lighting – LED and natural light
  • Thermal Walls
  • High-Performance Envelopes
  • HVAC systems with EER of 36 to 160

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We can help you select the right ERV and supporting equipment for any application you may have.