Fume Hoods & Lab Exhaust Systems in North and South Carolina

Mike Moore Sales and Consulting is the leading supplier of advanced fan systems, fume hoods, and lab exhaust systems throughout the Carolinas. Our team assists building owners, consulting engineers, and contractors with the design and installation of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.

Mike Moore Sales is centrally located in Charlotte. This allows us to quickly serve customers from Charleston, Greensboro, Greenville, Columbia, Raleigh, Durham, Asheville, and Wilmington.

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Strobic Air Tri-Stack® Exhaust System

Strobic Air Technologies’ Tri-Stack®exhaust systems are practical, cost-effective, and energy efficient SAFE solutions for all of your critical air exhaust needs. They are also the most durable, longest lived systems in the industry.
Whether your concern is pollution abatement, re-entrainment, odor control or other critical air applications, Tri-Stack®exhaust systems offer an effective, safe solution for you.

“The Tri-Stack® exhaust system is your solution for exhaust fume and odor control.”

  • Modular construction allows for easy installation and low system pressures to provide a fast payback when compared to traditional centrifugal stack exhaust designs
  • Attractive, low profile, architectural friendly design
  • Verifiable Industry low vibration levels
  • True Direct drive reliability
  • Industry superior material and coatings
  • L-10 rating of 150,000 or greater on all motor bearings
  • Industry leading 7 Year warranty (including motor), upgradeable to 10 years

smoke stack in Greenville, South Carolina

steam stacks in Raleigh, North Carolina

Strobic Air Mono-Stack® Exhaust System

For less mission critical applications, SAT offers a series of centrifugal fans. The Mono-Stack® offers an economy model fan that works well for applications such as clean rooms, negative pressure applications, secondary education labs, odor issues and low flow / high static pressure applications. The Mono-Stack® model comes standard with:

  • Industry leading powder-coating
  • Variety of wheel diameters and motor sizes
  • AMCA B or C construction
  • AMCA BV-3 or BV-4 vibration ratings
  • VFD compatibility
  • Lower total system heights for height restricted communities

strobic stacks in Charleston, SC

factory stacks in Greensboro, NC