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Airfoil Control Damper Supplier in NC and SC

Recognized as a regional expert in airflow controls and air control solutions in North and South Carolina, Mike Moore Sales is the Southeast regional authorized representative for T. A. Morrison & Co. Inc. (TAMCO). TAMCO is an innovative manufacturer of high-end, superior-quality dampers and air control products, serving commercial, industrial and institutional markets. From our Charlotte office, our team are experts at working with engineers on efficient airfoil damper design applications and working with purchasers for a successful installation in or near Asheville, Charleston, Columbia, Durham, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, and Wilmington. 

Innovative Air Control Solutions

Tamco DampersAt Mike Moore Sales, we offer two different types of airfoil control dampers for your next project in the Southeast US:

Series 1000 – Low Leakage Air-Foil Control Damper

  • This damper’s all-aluminum construction provides a prolonged and rust-free operational life.
  • Aluminum extrusions allow for intricate design features not possible with roll or brake formed galvanized steel.
  • Series 1000 dampers are assembled using slip-proof linkage components that keep blades aligned as per factory adjustment.
  • These dampers are supplied with extremely flexible silicone side seals and EPDM blade seals, that are resistant to weathering, compression set, and heat.
  • TAMCO seals provide outstanding dynamic fatigue resistance, ensuring consistent minimal leakage rate performance and sealing longevity.
  • TAMCO’s dual bearing system is self-sealing, self-lubricating, and non-absorbent, resulting in totally maintenance-free performance.
  • Standard blade depth is 6” (152 mm).Caution: Never use any lubricants, such as grease or silicone on TAMCO dampers.

When Should you use the Series 1000 for your project?

  • If you are looking for modulating, or 2 position control dampers.
  • Where maintenance is an issue.
  • If you’re looking for an ideal and reasonably priced choice for replacing worn out common dampers.

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Series 1500 – Ultra-Low Leakage, Enhanced Air-Foil Control Damper

  • The Series 1500 damper utilizes smooth aluminum end caps installed on the hollow air-foil blades.
  • This improves sealing where damper blades meet the side frames and reduces leakage rates significantly.
  • The unbroken surface of the end caps creates nearly frictionless wear on the frame seals. This enhances damper longevity and ensures that the damper retains consistent sealing ability over time.
  • Silicone seals are provided as standard to ensure tight sealing in both cold or warm climates.
  • Series 1500 ultra-low leakage dampers are constructed with all of the maintenance-free bearing and linkage components of other quality TAMCO products.
  • Standard blade depth is 6″ (152 mm).

When Should you use the Series 1500 for your project?

  • When the damper is closed and a low air leakage rate is critical.
  • Where infiltration is a concern.
  • Where condensation and freeze up are not a concern, but where an energy efficient, low infiltration, maintenance-free damper is essential.
  • If you need an ideal specification choice for outside wall dampers intended for use in warmer climates, where energy efficient, non-insulated dampers are required.

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What Options are available with the dampers?

ET – Elevated Temperature Option:

  • Blade and frame seals are extruded silicone, ensuring minimal change in leakage rates as temperature increases, making this damper ideal for high temperature applications.
  • Dampers are designed for operation in temperatures as high as 300°F (149°C).
  • Bronze-oilite bearings replace Celcon and polycarbonate bearings.

MR – Moisture Resistance Option:

  • All zinc-plated steel hardware is replaced with stainless steel, protecting hardware from rust and corrosion when exposed to high humidity or high moisture environments.

SW – Salt Water Resistance Option:

  • Extruded aluminum frames, blades and hardware are clear anodized to a depth of 0.7 mil. (18 microns). This prevents rusting and pitting when dampers are exposed to salt spray or high humidity environments.
  • Blade and frame seals are extruded silicone, for reduced air leakage.
  • All zinc-plated, steel hardware is replaced wtih stainless steel, protecting hardware from rust and corrosion.
  • All aluminum linkage hardware parts are clear anodized.