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Laboratory Room Controls for Chemical Containment

Laboratory room controls prevent chemicals from escaping to other areas of the building. They are a critical second line of defense to contain contamination. TSI Variable Air Volume (VAV) laboratory room controllers maintain ventilation, comfort, and safety. They also reduce airflows, when possible, to save energy. 

TSI believes that real measurements matter for laboratory controls. TSI VAV laboratory room controllers directly measure critical parameters to increase safety and cut costs in common architectural layouts:

  • Open laboratories
  • Enclosed laboratories
  • Fume hood alcoves
  • Teaching laboratories
  • High containment laboratories

TSI products offer:

  • Flexible design options to suit specific laboratory needs
  • Increased safety with the most accurate measurement of room pressure differential in the industry, as well as critical airflow monitoring
  • Energy saving VAV controls to minimize airflow rates and system pressure drop
  • Native BACnet® communications, allowing seamless communication to the Building Automation System (BAS)
Get the Engineering Guide for Hospital and Lab Control. Includes detailed reference guide for products and systems including:
  • Spec sheets
  • Typical operation sequences
  • Guide specs
  • Plus, easy-to-use engineering tools like an energy saving calculation program