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Demand-Based Control for Laboratories

Traditionally, laboratories are designed with a fixed number of air changes per hour (ACH), typically between 6 and 12. This type of design uses a static setpoint and typically results in over-ventilation of the space. 

AntrumX’s unique and patented solution allows the BMS to take advantage of real-time data and make intelligent energy-saving decisions through a dynamic ACH sequence known as demand-based control.

AntrumXTM is a centralized sensing solution that uses duct static pressure to draw air samples from each individual zone back to the sensor pack, which is located in a control panel in a mechanical room. This design allows for a highly scalable infrastructure given the ability to upgrade and calibrate the single sensor pack in under 1 minute.

demand based control for laboratories

Reducing ventilation requirements in laboratories and vivariums based on real-time sensing of contaminants in the room environment offers opportunities for energy conservation. This approach can potentially safely reduce lab air change rates to as low as 2 ACH when the lab air is “clean” and the fume hood exhaust or room cooling load requirements do not require higher airflow rates. Research by Sharp (2010) showed that lab rooms are on average “clean” of contaminants in excess of about 98% of the time.

Benefits of Antrum’s Centralized Sensing


With AntrumX, you’re able to achieve safe and accurate control of the lab’s ventilation because the same sensor is used to analyze both supply air and exhaust air, cancelling sensor drift, and guaranteeing a constant differential. 

Total Cost of Ownership

Labs require 100% OA and spend upwards of 40% of their energy on ventilation. The AntrumX platform provides lab owners the opportunity to save energy by optimizing their ventilation while also ensuring a safe and healthy lab environment.


AntrumX uses only 6% of the number of sensors when compared to a solution that utilizes discrete sensors, and is unlike other centralized sensing solutions:


  • Valves are in control panel and are continuously leak tested
  • Uses existing building static pressure to move air samples to panel
  • No mandatory ongoing expense
  • Sensor Pack replacement calibrates all points for all zones in under 1 minute
  • Single-point power
  • Multiple TVOC sensing with dedicated ammonia sensor
  • Ability to sense 16 different parameters including formaldehyde and flammable gases


  • Valves are buried above ceiling tiles 
  • Requires loud and sometimes faulty primary/standby pumps to move air
  • Subscription required
  • Each Sensor is replaced/calibrated individually by a factory-certified technician
  • Pumps, control valves, control panel, and controller each require power
  • No dedicated ammonia sensor
  • Limited sensing capabilities


Our patented sensor pack was designed with the future in mind. We have the ability to scale our monitoring capabilities at a fraction of the cost as your lab grows and changes. With a 1-minute replacement of the sensor pack you can upgrade the sensing capability for up to 16 unique zones. 

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