Airflow Monitoring Station Supplier in NC

Airflow Measurement Controls for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

Precise control of air flow rates is essential for the successful operation of today’s high performance buildings.

Accurate measurement and control of outside air flow introduced for the dilution of indoor contaminants requires precise monitoring and control of outside airflow rates into the building. Proper pressurization is essential to limit moisture development within the building envelope.

Established in 1984, Ebtron thermal dispersion airflow measurement products provide the accuracy, repeatability and reliability necessary to ensure that these objectives are satisfied and maintained. Our trained application specialists, combined with an extensive local representative network, can help your designs meet the demanding performance requirements of 21st century buildings.

GTX116 P+ System


Commercial Buildings

Government and Military Buildings
K-12 Education
Data Centers
Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities
Industries where critical airflow measurement is required

Airflow Measurement Products

Ebtron product lines include thermal dispersion airflow measurement instruments, indoor air characterization sensors for CO2, relative humidity and temperature, air flow measurement damper solution products and over the door people counters for demand control ventilation and other applications.  EBTRON airflow measurement systems are factory calibrated to NIST-traceable standards and do not require additional transmitters or transducers to interface with your host Building Automation System.  Lower your startup and maintenance costs, reduce energy consumption and improve control of your HVAC system by specifying EBTRON as the basis-of-design on all of your HVAC projects!

Air-IQ System

Products include:

Duct & Plenum Probes
Fan Arrays
Airflow Measurement Dampers
Fan Inlet Sensors
BACnet/Modbus CO2, RH and Temperature Sensors
“Bleed” Differential Airflow Sensors
‘U’ Probes for Unit Ventilators and Small Packaged Unit Applications
‘T’ Probes for Small Duct & VAV Terminal Box Applications
‘E’ Probes for Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) Applications
Thermal Imaging Occupancy Counters for Demand Control Ventilation

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