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Indoor Air Quality Monitor Supplier in North Carolina


Mike Moore Sales & Consulting, LLC is proud to be an integral part of the North Carolina Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry for over 20 years, serving you from our office in Indian Trail, just outside of Charlotte. We represent one of the finest Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring system manufacturers in Antrum and are proud to offer their technology on your next project. 

AntrumX™ is a scalable indoor monitoring solution for Healthcare, Education, Laboratory, Indoor Grow, and Commercial Office spaces. AntrumX can monitor the Indoor Air Quality of up to 32 zones from a single location. Antrum’s patented centralized sensing technology guarantees increased accuracy and consistency, leading to a healthier and more efficient building.

How AntrumX Works

Markets Served

Schools & Education

Schools and education facilities often have complex ventilation requirements, and that complexity can increase over time as facilities retrofit and expand. AntrumX™ IAQ monitoring is designed to evolve with the building and help building management systems account for any changes that may occur.  

AntrumX is currently installed at Grand Valley State University (GVSU), monitoring over 600 rooms and 900,000 square feet. GVSU uses the data from our technology to optimize ventilation, executing demand control ventilation by continuously rewriting the minimum and maximum ventilation rate for each room. This strategy led to a 30% energy savings while also maintaining safe and healthy spaces for students and faculty.

Healthcare & Medical

AntrumX™ IAQ monitoring is designed to evolve with the complex ventilation system requirements of Healthcare and medical facilities and help building management systems account for any changes that may occur over time as facilities retrofit and expand.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and industrial buildings tend to have large, complex, and ever-changing ventilation systems. AntrumX™ IAQ is built to keep up with these changes, helping building management systems account for any changes that may occur.

Other Applications

Pressurized Refrigerant Systems

AntrumX’s centralized sensing platform is the ideal solution for IAQ sensing in Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) environments. Using duct static pressure to draw air samples from up to 16 unique zones back to a single sensor, AntrumXTM provides room-level sensing using 94% fewer sensors when compared to other solutions. Antrum’s patented sensor pack is located in a panel in an unoccupied space, making it easy to access and maintain. 

Demand-Based Control for Laboratories

Traditionally, laboratories are designed with a fixed number of air changes per hour (ACH), typically between 6 and 12. This type of design uses a static setpoint and typically results in over-ventilation of the space. 

AntrumX’s unique and patented solution allows the BMS to take advantage of real-time data and make intelligent energy-saving decisions through a dynamic ACH sequence known as demand-based control. AntrumXTM is a centralized sensing solution that uses duct static pressure to draw air samples from each individual zone back to the sensor pack, which is located in a control panel in a mechanical room. This design allows for a highly scalable infrastructure given the ability to upgrade and calibrate the single sensor pack in under 1 minute.

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