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IAQ Monitoring for Pressurized Refrigerant Systems in North Carolina

AntrumX’s centralized sensing platform is the ideal solution for IAQ sensing in Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) environments. Using duct static pressure to draw air samples from up to 16 unique zones back to a single sensor, AntrumXTM provides room-level sensing using 94% fewer sensors when compared to other solutions. Antrum’s patented sensor pack is located in a panel in an unoccupied space, making it easy to access and maintain. 

VRV/VRF Systems Background

Since the early 1980s, VRV and VRF HVAC systems have become increasingly common. Although these systems have advantages, including thermal comfort and initial cost, the technology is built on a network of pressurized refrigeration lines. The reality is that pressurized refrigerant systems are going to leak, it’s just a matter of how much and when.

The primary standards regarding refrigerant use are ASHRAE standards 15 and 34. The standards are classified as “National Voluntary Consensus Standards” and are therefore left up to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

While indoor air quality monitoring is not required for VRV/VRF systems, it ensures the safety of occupants and the functionality of the equipment while resulting in a lower overall cost to the end user. 

IAQ monitoring for pressurized refrigerant systems.

AntrumX Benefits

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Monitoring with AntrumX’s centralized sensing platform provides owners with the ability to:
  • Reduce refrigerant expenses: Even small leaks can contribute to a loss of 20%-25% of refrigerant every year.
  • Reduce operational expenses: Leaks often make the compressor run more frequently, adding to the amount of power needed on an ongoing basis.
  • Limit repair costs: Leaks can impair the equipment’s ability to function normally. When refrigerant levels drop too low, the equipment can malfunction, leading to expensive repairs.
  • Minimize revenue losses: Leaks can result in certain rooms or facilities becoming unusable, prompting a loss of revenue.
  • Leverage the AntrumX platform: Also sense CO2 + RH and many other common indoor pollutants
AntrumX utilizes the only sensor technology to receive a 100% pass rate when examined against a total of 28 requirements taken from the five major refrigeration system safety standards as part of a 2020 study by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology Institute, Inc. (AHRTI). Consider AntrumX for your next VRV/VRF project to ensure system effectiveness, energy efficiency, and a better indoor environment. Contact Mike Moore Sales today to speak with a specialist.