Fan Arrays Airflow Measurement

Improve the Reliability for Your Next Fan Array Project

GTx108-F / AnGTx108-F / An

The GTx108-F/An is EBTRON’s solution for accurate and repeatable airflow measurement in fan arrays. One to eight fans are supported. Airflow, temperature and/or airflow alarming are available on all models. Individual fan airflow rates and fan alarming are available with combination analog output/network models. Does not affect fan performance. Bluetooth low energy technology interface.

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Product Benefits and Highlights

  • Thermal Dispersion Technology
  • Supports up to 8 Fans
  • NIST‐traceable Calibration
  • %‐of‐reading Accuracy
  • Individual Fan Airflow Alarms
  • Temperature Output Capability
  • Combination Analog/Network Models
  • Face, Forward and Flare Mounting
  • Remote Transmitter with LCD Display
  • 3-year Warranty