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Offering the Latest Technology in Refrigerant Monitoring for Applications in North & South Carolina

Based out of our Charlotte, NC headquarters, Mike Moore Sales is a proud distributor of Thermal Gas Systems refrigerant gas detection. Our monitors are customized to meet any gas or oxygen depletion application based on individual project goals. From stringent refrigerant conservation to cost-effective ASHRAE 15, mechanical, fire & building code compliance, we strive to provide exceptional service & support to customers in North and South Carolina.

Today, the Thermal Gas Systems Haloguard® product brand has come to mean proven reliability worldwide. With experience extending back to the 1988 Montreal Protocol, no other fixed monitoring system manufacturer can claim a greater history dedicated to the research, manufacture, sales and service of refrigerant gas monitoring systems. Designed and constructed to withstand tough mechanical room requirements these products have been tried and tested over decades resulting in a refrigerant monitoring solution you know you can count on.

For more information on the Refrigerant Monitoring System contact local distributor Mike More Sales & Consulting for contractors in or near Columbia, Raleigh, Durham, Charleston, Wilmington, Asheville, Greensboro, and Greenville.

Types of Refrigerant and Gas Monitors Offered

State-of-the-art Photoacoustic IR technology

Infrared (IR) technology is based on the absorption of a specific wavelength of IR light by a gas molecule. This allows the monitoring system to identify and quantify gas volume by measuring infrared light absorption. Specific gases can be selectively targeted by narrowly filtering the wavelength of the infrared light introduced; thereby avoiding any infrared absorption by other non-targeted gases that may be present in the sample. The infrared (IR) products we provide are as follows:

  • Haloguard® IR
  • Haloguard® III


This technology is based on a conductivity change when sensitized metal oxides are exposed to refrigerant gases. While CMOS systems perform adequately to satisfy the safety requirements of all refrigerants, IR technology is recommended for toxic applications, refrigerant conservation efforts, or in areas where cross contamination by extraneous chemicals is a factor. The CMOS products we provide are as follows:

  • Haloguard® I
  • Haloguard® II

Ancillary Equipment

  • SCBA
  • Oxyguard

Engineering Design and Submittal Data

TypeProductDesign / Submittal Data
Infrared (IR)Haloguard® IR – Download BrochureGuide Specifications | Wiring Diagram | Cut Sheets
Infrared (IR)

Haloguard® III – Download Brochure

Guide Specifications | Wiring Diagram | Cut Sheets

Haloguard® I – Download Brochure

Guide Specifications | Wiring Diagram | Cut Sheets

Haloguard® II – Download Brochure

Guide Specifications | Wiring Diagram | Cut Sheets

What do we need to know in order to generate your refrigerant monitoring proposal?

  1. Monitoring Priorities:
    Refrigerant conservation, Occupant safety, Regulatory compliance
  2. Mechanical Room:
    Size & layout, Number of entrances, Airflow patterns
  3. Chillers:
    How many, Sizes
  4. Gas of Interest:
    Any refrigerant gas, Number/type of gas, Gas combinations,Oxygen depletion
  5. Output Requirements:
    Relay contacts, analog, output, serial communications, data logging.
  6. Any Additional Gear Such as SCBA?

Mike Moore Sales and Consulting is committed to providing the highest quality support for engineers and contractors in or near Columbia, Raleigh, Durham, Charleston, Wilmington, Asheville, Greensboro, and Greenville looking for a refrigerant monitor or gas detection system for your next project? Contact Mike Moore Sales Today at 704-366-0074.